When you and your partner decide you want a baby, of course you want to get pregnant as soon as possible. We have listed a few tips to help you with this.


Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, even more so if you want to try to get pregnant. Try to avoid stress as much as possible, this can have a negative effect on your hormonal balance. Make sure that you have a healthy weight. If your BMI is between 18.5 and 25, you have a standard chance of getting pregnant.
30 percent of all women gets pregnant within 3 months, 70 percent within six months, and over 80 percent after a year. After 2 years, 90 percent are pregnant. Make sure to get enough exercise, working out keeps you fit, and this is beneficial before and during your pregnancy. If you would like more information, check the page lifestyle advice.

When are you fertile?

Of course, the best advice is to have sex whenever you feel like it! But you should do it a little extra during the period before your ovulation: this is when you are fertile. Sperm cells can survive for 2-4 days in the uterus, to await the ovulation. For most women, the ovulation occurs 2 weeks before the next menstrual cycle. So if you have a cycle of 28 days, your ovulation will be about 2 weeks after the first day of your menstruation period. If you have a cycle of 32 days, your ovulation will be about 18 days after the first day of your menstruation period.
Also check the page when am I fertile to calculate when you are fertile.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol will negatively impact your fertility. Women who smoke, or have a partner who smokes in their vicinity, are thirty percent less fertile than women who do not smoke. The same applies to alcohol: (a large quantity of) alcohol will damage the egg, so that it will be more difficult to get pregnant. Men who smoke and drink a lot are also less fertile; the production of sperm cells will be decreased and these substances can cause defective sperm cells.

Frequent efficient sex

During the week before your ovulation, the advice is to have sex once every 2 days, and every day around the ovulation day (you can see when your ovulation will be here). Two or three times a week is optimal for the quality of the sperm. Tips during sex: make sure that the penis is as deep in your vagina as possible during the moment of ejaculation, and when the penis is withdrawn, keep your vagina ‘closed’, to keep as much sperm as possible inside. But do not worry too much if some of it comes out, after all you only need one seed. Keep lying on your back for a while after sex. After 20 minutes, this will no longer be effective. The most important tip is, make sure that it is still fun and it does not become a “chore”. Choose a position that will help the sperm reach the cervix; the woman on top may not be the best option here, the missionary position provides the biggest chance of conception. This does not mean that you will not get pregnant if you have sex in other positions, these are just some tips for the quickest results.

Enjoy it!

If you have an orgasm yourself, your uterus will contract and the sperm will be pulled even deeper into your uterus. And of course keeping it fun is important! Stress has a negative impact on your fertility (see tip 1) so go out for a nice dinner, enjoy your time together, and the rest will be a piece of cake! See you soon!

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