During the early stages of your pregnancy, you can choose whether you would like a combination test or a NIPT test. We call these tests screening tests. The purpose of these tests is to trace the Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome. You have to pay for the NIPT and combination test yourself.

13 week scan:

Testen tijdens de zwangerschap

Prenatal screening during pregnancy
The midwife will guide you and your partner in making a decision about prenatal
screening. It is important that you make a well-informed decision. If you choose to
take a prenatal screening test you can opt for the NIPT and/or the 13 weeks
ultrasound. Your midwife will explain the differences between these tests. She can
explain about possible results of the tests. This happens during an interview when
you are about 8 weeks pregnant.

More information is to be found on: www.pns.nl
Translation is available in the English, Turkisch, Polisch an Arabic language.

13 weken echo:

During your first visit your midwife will ask you if you would like te know more about the 13 weeks ultrasound. In an extended interview she will provide you with the information about the 13 weeks ultrasound of this scientific study. Participating in this study and taking the 13 weeks ultrasound is a choice for you to make.
Thereby it is important to think carefully about these following questions:

  • How much information would you like to have about your unborn child during the pregnancy?
  • If a physical abnormality is found, would you choose to continue the pregnancy or would you think about terminating the pregnancy?
  • The 13 weeks ultrasound will be performed between 12+3 weeks and 14+3 weeks. (these terms are strict)
  • The gender of the baby will not be checked at this 13 weeks ultrasound. As it is a scientific study this is not allowed.
  • It is very important that the sonographer can focus completely on your baby. Therefor it is not allowed to bring other children to this ultrasound.
  • Please bring your partner or someone else. If the sonographer has to bring you bad news it is helpful to have support.

For more information check:  https://www.pns.nl/13-wekenecho


The scan takes about 30 minutes. It is a medical examination. There is a small chance that deviations will be discovered. That is why we want to ask you not to bring your children to the 20-week scan.

The scan is done by echocentrum Verve.


20 week scan:

The test

During the 20 week-scan, the development of the organs of the baby is extensively examined. A few points of focus are:

  • Any signs of a split spine or a split skull.
  • Diseases or disfunctions that can be discovered through a 20-week scan, such as a cleft lip, clubfoot, heart problems, deviations of the organs or the umbilical cord.
  • The growth of the baby.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid.
  • The location of the placenta.

The 20 week-scan is a reasonably reliable method to discover serious congenital defects. The important thing to realise is that even though many diseases and disorders can be discovered, this does not go for all of them. If you choose to have this ultrasound, keep in mind that other deviations may be discovered as well. The scan is not dangerous for you or the baby.

Follow-up test in case of a deviating result

The follow-up test consists of an extensive ultrasound examination, also referred to as an advanced ultrasound test (AUT or GUO), carried out by a gynaecologist in a specialised hospital. Your child will be further examined there. You may also be offered an amniocentesis or a blood test. In case of an amniocentesis there is a small risk of a miscarriage.


The scan takes about 40-50 minutes. It is a medical examination. There is a small chance that deviations will be discovered. That is why we want to ask you not to bring your children to the 20-week scan.

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