At our practice, aside from placing spirals, we can also do a scan to check if the spiral has been placed properly.

Scan after spiral placement

After a placement without complications, it is usually not necessary to have a scan. Sometimes the placement is a little more difficult, or there is another reason to check after about 6 weeks if the spiral is in the right place in the uterus.
The obstetrician who places your spiral, will let you know if there is a reason to have a scan, and if so, she will make an appointment with you right away. The costs of this scan are covered by your insurance.
If you yourself want the scan to check your spiral, for any reason, you will have to pay for it yourself. This costs €38.92.

Internal scan

The spiral check-up is done through an internal scan, during which the uterus and the ovaries will be examined, and the obstetrician will check if the spiral is in the right place in the uterus. During an internal scan, we look inside the uterus through the vagina, with a small ultrasound tool (about 2 cm wide). An internal scan is not painful, but it can be uncomfortable. We advise you to make sure you pee right before the examination.

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