A birth plan, a document clearly outlining your wishes for childbirth.
You can create your birth plan to prepare for childbirth. 


 Birth plan

By making a birth plan, you can find out what you and your partner find important, and what you expect from others. If you discuss your birth plan with us, we will understand each other better, and we will be able to optimally work together during your childbirth. It is not required to make a birth plan, but it is practical if there are some things you really want. Childbirth does not always go the way you had planned, sometimes medical interventions are necessary. In our experience, the woman giving birth and her partner can look back on the birth with a positive feeling if the obstetrician has tried to make things happen according to their wishes and needs. This is not always possible. In that case, good communication between the care provider and the parents is important, to make a new plan together. Every birth is different, so it is not always possible for things to go according to plan.

How do you make it?

What you write in your birth plan is a manual for you and your partner, and for the people around you. If you decide to do something differently than you described in your birth plan, that is always possible.

You can view an example of a birth plan here!

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