The pill is one of the most common contraceptives. The hormones in the pill make sure that no eggs are released, and they make the mucus in the cervix stiffer, so that sperm cells will have more difficulty penetrating it. Aside from that, a fertilised egg will have more difficulty implanting itself in the uterine wall.

There are different kinds of contraceptive pills. You are always welcome to come to us for an informative consultation, and we will always discuss the best option to prescribe with you.

Combination pill

Microgynon 30: this type of pill contains 2 different hormones. This is why it is referred to as the combination pill. The hormones in this type of pill are:

  • Levonorgestrel (a progestogen)
  • Ethinylestradiol (an oestrogen)

The specifications for this pill are: you have to take it every day, you can skip and/or delay your menstruation period. You cannot combine it with breastfeeding. The pill is very reliable, < 1% chance of pregnancy, on the condition that it is taken properly.
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The pill without oestrogen, also referred to as the mini pill. You can combine this pill with breastfeeding. There is no stop week, which means that you have to keep taking the pill continuously. You also cannot time/delay your menstruation. This pill is just as reliable as the combination pill, on the condition that it is taken properly.
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