If there is no specific reason (medical indication) why it would be better to give birth at the hospital, you can choose where you prefer to give birth. If you are between 37 and 42 weeks pregnant, you can give birth with your obstetrician, she will then guide the whole childbirth. Choose to give birth in the place where you feel most comfortable. This will help you relax, and the more relaxed you are, the smoother childbirth will go.


Home birth

Home births can be very pleasant, because this is your personal space. You can lie in your own bed and take a shower or a bath in your own bathroom. Your partner is in an environment he/she is familiar with. After you have given birth, clean linen will be put on the put, and once you have showered, you can receive visitors from the comfort of your own bed. The disadvantage of home births, is that it is not possible to receive pain relief. This is only possible at the hospital. You should also keep in mind that we may have to go to the hospital if it is better for you or the baby.

This is what you can prepare for a home birth:

  • Maternity care package (please do not unpack), preferably buy some extra fibre mats, at the pharmacy or online.
  • The bed has to be placed on chocks. Place the bed on these chocks when you are 37 weeks pregnant, so your bed is 80 cm high (you can rent free chocks at the home care shop; Fransenstraat 12a, Vlaardingen. Tel: 088-1239988).
  • Two buckets with garbage bags for waste and dirty laundry.
  • Protect your mattress, maybe cut up some garbage bags to protect the sides of your mattress as well.
  • Your pregnancy card, you will receive this during your consultation when you are 36 weeks pregnant.
  • Maternity care folder, you could put this under the changing mat.
  • Emergency suitcase containing clothes, socks and a hat for the baby and nightwear/toiletries for yourself (tip: pack comfortable sweatpants).
  • Camera to take pictures/film, charger for your phone.
  • Dextro or grape sugar.
  • Proper lighting.
  • A stack of (8) absorbent diapers.

If you want a home birth, you need to look at your home with a critical eye.

In case of emergency, can you be carried out on a stretcher? If you have doubts, discuss these with us during your consultation. If, during childbirth, we believe that your home is not suitable for a home birth, we will ask you to go to the hospital with us.

Unfortunately, home births are not possible in the following cases:

  • Your BMI is higher than 35.
  • You live higher than the 9th floor.
  • Your apartment building has a winding staircase or a narrow staircase/corridor.
  • The hygiene at home is insufficient.
  • Do you weigh more than 100 kg, but your BMI is below 35? Then you should give birth on the ground floor. Due to the working conditions regulations for ambulance personnel.


Hospital birth:

Giving birth in a hospital can also be more relaxed because you may feel safer. “Everything is at hand”. That's true, but you should know that we also bring everything we need for a home birth. However, you may find it reassuring that “experts” are nearby during the time that you are giving birth.

Should you choose to deliver your child in a hospital then there is no need to register for a delivery room beforehand,. When you go into labour, we will call the hospital for you. You will stay in one of the delivery rooms and a nurse will attend the delivery as well. A hospital birth, not on medical indication, will result in additional costs. You can get more information about this from your health insurer.

We collaborate with the following hospitals:

- Vlietlandziekenhuis - Vlietlandplein 2 - 3118 JH Schiedam.
- Franciscus gasthuis - Kleiweg 500 - 3045 PM Rotterdam.
- Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis - Reinier de Graafweg 5 - 2625 AD Delft.


If you have any doubts about where you would prefer to deliver your baby, then please don't hesitate to discuss this with one of us. Perhaps you have certain anxieties or questions about the various pain relief options. For us, all that matters is that you have the best possible experiences when it comes to giving birth and that you are happy with the choices you made.

Important: you don’t need to make up your mind during the pregnancy but, of course, you can. It's also good to see what feels right for you during the delivery and to act on that. The decision can also depend on how fast the delivery progresses, how you feel, and whether there is a medical indication to go to the hospital.

If you want to read more about how to prepare for the delivery, then please click here.

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